Solutions for Bedwetting

April 5th, 2016

What is the most compelling reason for a family to choose Dry Point Solutions to help resolve a bedwetting problem? Simply put, we are here, first and foremost, to help you understand what causes Nocturnal Enuresis, commonly called bedwetting.

Yes you will find companies that will sell you products and solutions over the internet BUT NONE can boast our over 60 years experience of personal help. Even today we STILL come to assess your bedwetting environment and to see if after qualifying we can help you. Bedwetting is a personal problem that needs to be handled in person! Dry Point Solutions continues to add to that legacy by guiding each family to the result it seeks, a dry bed.

WRYSA Wisconsin Rapids Youth Sports Association

April 4th, 2016

Associates!!!! Don’t Forget. Today the 4th and tomorrow the 5th of April RockRococo is giving 15% back of every assoicate sale to WRYSA. Excellent food!! Excellent promotion!!

New Trucking Broker in Rapids

March 3rd, 2016

Kulinski Freight Service has just opened their doors. Although they are local they cover the total United States.

KulinskiFreightSevice are Certified Master Brokers®, trained at the highest level of expertise in the freight logistics industry.  We also apply our knowledge and experience to create transportation strategies and solutions.  We are dedicated to the personal touch of our customer’s needs.
Our Mission:
To find the best freight service for all are customers and to obtain a long term customer relationship.
Our Vision:
To be recognized for the most professional freight brokering service with a personal touch.
Core Values:
Provide each customer with 100% dedication to their freight needs.  Achieving loyalty by providing consistent, established, and dependable service. Conducting business in a fair and professional manner with customers and carriers.Visit them at

Diversi-tea opens new store

April 25th, 2015

A trendy new idea, loose leaf teas, oils, and balsamic vinegars all under one roof. Come join us for tastings, a try before you buy way to shop


April 9th, 2015

I always though it was a nice gesture because home depot gave a 10% discount to vets!! BUT they won’t do it unless you have the right vet card, and NOT on special buy items or online. It seems that they do their best to find items to NOT honor the vet with. BUT good news!!! Lowes gives you your discount, 365 days a year, will match their special buy price and will also give you the discount to the online price!! Vets with disabilities, do yourself proud and shop at LOWES and JUST SAY NO to Home Depot!! Shame on you Home Depot!!

Flink Forest Products and Logging Wisconsin

April 4th, 2015

Flinkforestproducts  provides private management and logging.

The long term goal of Flink Forest Products is to position the company as the professional logger for private landowners by offering quality forest related services.

Flink Forest Products firmly believes by offering a wide range of forest related services there is a concerted effort to get more private landowners to manage their woodlands and forests.

Flink Forest Products shows the importance of logger and landowner teaming together in a partnership to private landownersmaintain the health of the forest and to enhance your woodlands for future generations. Making it profitable for landowners, forest industry and logger.

Split Acres Guide Service Bear Hunt

February 11th, 2015

Split Acres Guide Service has started a new site at . They are the number one guides in the zone c Wisconsin area for black bear hunting. They have multiple plans and one that even includes lodging and meals. They pride themselves on successful hunts. Bring home the meat with Split Acres Guide Service!

Beware of Germantown Mutual

August 23rd, 2014

In the aftermath of our current hail storm Wisconsin rapids residents aren’t getting what they should be from this company. Germantown Mutual seems to think that all those premiums paid by residents don’t matter and unlike their competitors German Town Mutual has taken the screw you stance on roofs. They would rather patch a roof than replace it EVEN if by doing that you will not be able to insure your home with any reputable insurance company. Of course they don’t tell you that for they want to keep your premium payments coming in BUT just call around and find out the bad news with patched roofs. Also ask yourself if YOU would buy a house with a patched roof, sure at a much reduced price! Also when you try and get a second opinion (re appraisal) they say no and by law they have to provide one. So for all the problems with this company we would suggest getting a new insurance firm IF you can or fight fight fight for a new roof. Also if you have already been screwed then just contact the Wisconsin Dept of Registration to file a formal complaint AND DON’T cash the check. BTW the customer that we used for an example also had her car totaled by the storm and is STILL waiting for a check from Germantown Mutual.


She got her car check today BUT NO BANK will cash it even the bank it was drawn on!!!

LINKS of Complaints:

complaint1  complaint2 complaint3 what the BBB thinks

Rocky Rococo Happy Bike Winners!

July 16th, 2014

Wisconsin Rapids Rocky Rococo happy bike winners!!


RR Auto Repair Shop is OPEN 7 days a week

July 9th, 2014

RRAUTOREPAIRSHOP is now open for business 7days a week. Just as your vehicle doesn’t seem to break down on a convenient day it can NOW be repairs by the only Auto Repair Shop every day of the week! RRAUTOREPAIRSHOP provides a complete and certified auto service for brakes, a/c, cooling systems, struts, shocks, tune-ups and is also the ONLY transmission specialist in the area. They can totally rebuild and dyno test all transmissions.