Shore Fishing

Over the year you'll find some of the hottest fishing spots from the shore (not a boat) in the Wisconsin Rapids. Fishing is great but there has never been a spot where you could find those great spots along the shoreline. We will solve that by placing our hot fishing spots here!

Fishing is a great sport and an excellent exercise ( except for bobber fishing :-) ) and can relieve stress.

The areas that will be covered from the shore will be for bait, lure and fly type fishing and approximate size fish will be listed.

Please do not over fish!

Keep what would be a meal but please put back so others can enjoy also. Check your fishing license for sizes for bass and pike. In most areas we fish the bass size must be 15" and the pike 26". Keep in mind that being shore fisherman on a busy road means the DNR does check often.


County Z Marshes

This is a great area for shore fishing but some areas, usually the best areas, are tough to fish. On the below map the bottom area is the very last marsh area before you go up the hill going to Nekoosa.

Fishing area #1 was a fun spot. We fished bait ( leaf worms from ace ) along with lures and fly.

On the worms we caught bluegill ( small ) and 13" largemouth bass. On a lure ( small silver mepps spinner ) we nailed a few bass, one at 12' and another at 14". On the fly rod using a #12 wooly worm we caught, bluegill, a 13"bass and a 21" pike. The pike hit like a bus just in front of the dam. Our area of fishing was from the weeds to the second large stump left of the dam. Depth of fishing was about 2 feet and the fly was a sinking one. The lure was hit just about 1 foot below the surface.